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Capture the Rhythm

June 3, 2024 - January 12,  2025

Christine Seo


Born and raised in Seoul, Christine Seo immigrated to the United States, first to California then New Jersey, with her husband and two sons in 2000. As a graduate of prestigious schools, Christine was a sought-after art instructor at the Fine Arts Academy she founded while in Korea. While Christine focuses her oil and watercolor paintings on equine art, she also explores the intersectionality of portraiture and nature. She considers renowned artist, Roger Armstrong, as an influential mentor during her time in Laguna Beach. Christine has exhibited at a variety of venues in Southern California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, including several solo shows at NYC , New Hope, PA, Tenafly , NJ and Cherry Hill . Her work has also been awarded by the Arts Bridge, Catharine L. Wolfe Art Club, Morris Museum, New Hope Arts, West Windsor Arts Council, and Newtown, PA; among others.


Matt DeProspero

Artist & Gallery Owner

“Painting is my way of communicating with the world. It’s how I take in my surroundings, process them through my thoughts and emotions, and put something back out that others can relate to. I learned from a very early age the simple pleasure of sitting alone for extended periods of time
with just a pencil and a piece of paper, watching something emerge that didn’t exist previously. When I saw how others reacted to the things I made and the joy that it brought them, I came to really appreciate that response, and I craved the feedback I received. Now after painting for so many years, everything I look at becomes a painting in my mind, and I still enjoy seeing the way people react when viewing the art I have created. The subject matter is secondary to my aesthetic sensibility. I am continually influenced by my immediate surroundings and find inspiration everywhere I look, whether it be at a certain time of day, the way the light lands on an object, or the uniquely interesting face of a passerby. Anything can be a painting to me, and I try to approach my work with honesty and without preconceived notions of exactly how to arrive at the final product. I enjoy the act of creating and simultaneously learning more about myself, and the world around me, in the process.”

Screen Shot 2024-06-05 at 2.19.14 PM.png

Daniel Michael Sierchio


I see the world through the Camera’s lens that evokes drama through light playing off graphics that produces a deep perspective. My work as a photographer tries to connect the viewer with the hidden art that is all around us. Over the years I have been influenced by the likes of Ansel Adams because of his understanding and exquisite use of Black and White photography, Dancers because through their art they convey shapes, and designs, photographer like Avedon and Bourdin because of the social nature of fashion photography, Street Photographers like Bresson because he connected the human with the  graphic.

Those influences, particularly the graphic elements that are dictated by the frame of the camera, are where I want to earn my viewers’ trust. The consistency I can achieve in my chosen medium is how I would like to influence my spectator. In some cases, it can be simply designs, shapes and perspective while in other situations, very social and provocative.

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