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SiriOm Singh

SiriOm Singh is a self- taught artist living and creating in Trenton, NJ. He is the co- owner of Cross Pollination art gallery in Lambertville NJ, which shows his work and the work of his wife, fiber artist Ayala Shimelman.


SiriOm is an abstract expressionist. He uses acrylic and collage, applying layering techniques, primarily with pallet knife. 

His work has been influenced by the works of Matisse, Picasso, Léger, Tolliver, Bearden, Pollock and Basquiat. 

SiriOm’s work has been shown in various museum and galleries, among them New Jersey State Museum; Ellarsley, Trenton City Museum; Phillips Mill, New Hope;  Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia; The Gallery at Mercer County Community College; The Gallery at the Bank of Princeton, Lambertville, and is part of numerous private collections


Ca. Shofed

Born in Fort Dix, NJ, C.a. Shofed’s parents were in the military; He spent his early years in Germany. In high school, he studied Graphic Arts at Assunpink Vocational  School, moving into Advertising Design in college. “It was college that first  exposed me to photography.” Before he had a real chance to explore photography as a career, he took a summer job as a computer installer and never looked back. “I spent the next 25 years as an IT Professional”. “Although my professional life had focused on technology, I maintained an interest in photography, always carrying my camera with me, taking photographs whenever the opportunity presented itself or whenever a particular scene or object inspired me.

C.a. Shofed’s art has been exhibited and sold in galleries and museums across the globe including Philadelphia, New York, San Diego, London, Glasgow, and many places within the continental United States and Europe.


Princeton High School Department Philosophy

Active participation in an arts program is a critical component in every child’s education. Arts programs enrich students’ lives and provide a vehicle for them to communicate and express human emotions and ideas. In addition, the study of the arts prepares students to be successful in a twenty-first-century world that demands innovative thinking and creativity in an increasingly competitive global society.


We are a nationally-recognized program, and Princeton High School has been designated a New Jersey Model School in the Arts. Our distinguished faculty members provide sequential instruction in each arts discipline, challenging each student to reach his or her potential.  We are grateful for the tremendous community support for our programs and invite you to attend our many events so that you may experience the incredible and inspiring work of our students.


The Arts Department offers a performance-based curriculum in the disciplines of visual art, band, orchestra, choir, drama, and dance. The curriculum is sequential, offering a range of courses from fundamental to advanced. The program includes six bands, three orchestras, five vocal ensembles, four levels of drama classes, a dance class, and a comprehensive two- and three-dimensional studio art program, in addition to offerings in AP Art History and AP Music Theory. Included in all courses is a grounding in cultural and historical contexts, as well as aesthetics. Public performances and art exhibitions are held throughout the year; classroom experiences are enhanced by trips to museums and galleries, as well as regional and international performance tours. Princeton High School features a state-of-the-art performing arts center and its own art gallery, Numina.

About this Project: Etching

Etching is an intaglio printmaking technique made popular in the early 16th century; artists like Dürer, Rembrandt, and Goya used it to reflect on contemporary events and culture important to them at the time. Students in Studio Art III (2D) & Studio Art IV were asked to capture a recent happening, situation, or personal memory and translate it into an etching. Lines were incised into plastic or metal, inked, wiped, and run through a press to create multiple copies. Monochromatic editions are displayed here along with edited versions using mixed media to further allow multiple modes of expression and experimentation.

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