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"I am drawn to the Christmas lights in winter, the starry skies of the night, or the fireflies of summer. In my painting, I hope to capture light and provide a luminescent image, whether that be glowing objects or capturing the light as it illuminates a scene.".


Nancy Lloyd has traveled around the world, calling many locations “home,” including 12 years spent internationally in England, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. She moved to her current home in Solebury, PA, in 2007. Nancy has been painting in oils since 1993 and enjoys all types of subject matter. She also works in encaustics, collagraph, monoprints, and collages.



Paper artist and illustrator

Anabel Bouza is a Cuban-born paper artist and illustrator. Her work weaves nostalgia, fantasy, and nature to create scenes that draw from  the candor of vintage storybooks and the language of folktales.

Ever present sources of inspiration are the atmosphere of Soviet era stop-animation and the filigree of tree takeovers, which permeate the memories of  her childhood in Havana.

An unwavering walker and Nature disciple; the language of tendrils and nighttime also find their way into her work and process.

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“The human condition, nature, and bestial imagery are a part of my thoughts, even when it is not obvious, it is always there. Probably ingrained from growing up in a nature-motivated family.


As I paint, the ideas emerge for me. I approach each work with spontaneity and minimal plans ahead of time. It truly becomes a journey with the pleasure of discovery that is all about color, shape, depth, story line, detail, composition, actual and illusionist dimension, details, balance, moving paint and removing paint.”



Student Artist

Emily Bechtel is showing her art in the Ficus Cafe’ downstairs. Emily is a WW-P South alumni. Emily has studied acrylic and watercolor art. Abstract art is her personal favorite which you will find in the cafe’. She is currently studying Business Management and, in her spare time, continues to learn and practice techniques both in painting and drawing. Emily also loves to read and write whenever possible.

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