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​Embrace Life in the Everyday

January 8, 2024 - May 6, 2024

2024 Winter/Spring 

Thomas Kelly is an award winning, New Jersey, USA based painter. Widely collected, his work has a signature style, which has its roots in Expressionism. His colorful, narrative, acrylic paintings on canvas often create a dialogue with the viewer. His deceptively simplistic paintings are both critically acclaimed and very approachable by everyday viewers. More than 350 of Kelly’s original paintings have been collected.

Ficus Princeton Gallery 2023 Fall Art Show Playful Medley

Playful Medley

October 1, 2023 - January 8, 2024

2023 Fall Show

Fall brings us vibrant colors, the sounds of children playing at school and park playgrounds, outdoor fields offer lively sport games, and a cool breeze allows us to bring out cozy warmsweaters. This fall, Playful Medley, allows us to take those playful feelings of autumn through a colorful and spirited art show featuring artists, Catherine Martzloff, David Orban and Leyla Spencer. 

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Ficus Gallery

Ficus Art Gallery, nestled within the vibrant Ficus Restaurant at 235 Nassau St., is a unique artistic gem that beautifully complements the culinary experience. This gallery spans two floors and offers a captivating space to showcase a rotating selection of artwork that exclusively highlights talented artists from our local community. With a commitment to diversity and creativity, Ficus Art Gallery refreshes its exhibitions four times a year, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving artistic landscape for our visitors to explore. Since its inception in 2021, under the expert curation of Kyle Wille, this gallery has become a hub for art enthusiasts and a cherished platform for emerging and established local artists alike. Explore the rich tapestry of talent that defines our community at Ficus Art Gallery, where every visit promises to be a delightful and inspiring experience.

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